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Last updated January 20, 2017
We at XQube are concerned about our user information & want to educate them about the way we collect, use and share information (in some cases only).
XQube brand is a wholly owned subsidy of XQube media Pte. Ltd.
XQube shall be considered as “we & our” for these policy terms.
We create, source, share &/or provide monetization solution to our publishers which helps them sell their inventory more & with better results. We are a publisher focused company & help them monetize their existing or newly created inventory (using XQube solution) via our direct advertiser demand and programmatic demand partners.
User Information & Its Flow- We may receive or collect user information across digital space of users who A- Visit a website & ads that are served by XQube or anyone of its partner B- Advertisers or demand partners using XQube or its supply partners to serve ad or drop a cookie. We mostly work only as a processor of these information.
Individual Information- This is what we collect via our social media or site request pages. When you mention your contact details/ name under contact us section of our site; we use this information to respond back to your queries and improve services based on your feedback and share our newsletters & marketing news and initiatives.
Device Information- Device information covers all the important details to make your browsing experience more impactful with right type of advertiser targeting. This includes information about your browser history, device type, IP address, language preferences, location & information available through your ISP.  Sometimes we or our demand partners may drop a pixel tag to collect data which would help improve the ad-targeting and also adding significant revenue to our publisher’s account to ensure a free content site/ App running.
Your Sensitive Data Is Protected- Any sensitive data like your bank account details, social security number & other personal information are never stored in our servers.
Information Retention- We keep your information to keep the demand alive for 30-90 days (depends on the situation/geo of users).
Contact Us For Privacy Queries- For any query related to our privacy terms please connect with us on



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